Manna’s Mission


Hey, I’m Manna.

I’m in the café and restaurant industry, have been all my life and intend on investing the rest of my life back into it. I started off working after high school in my parent’s popular Indian restaurant in Adelaide. In this job I learnt about the hard work and dedication that was required to run a business in the food industry.

I continued working at the family restaurant while I studied hospitality and business management and after graduating I knew my mission in life was to build and run a successful restaurant empire. I started by getting a job at a successful fine dining restaurant to gain experience in a different restaurant niche. Within 6 months I was the restaurant manager responsible for overseeing the running of the kitchen and wait staff. While I loved the job and the learning experience I knew my heart wasn’t completely in front line service so after 12 months I had resigned and was working on my first business venture.

Fast forward 15 years and I currently have 18 successful restaurants and cafes (most) running at profit around Australia. I’ve opened a few more but the hospitality industry is a fickle one. Many of my successful restaurants are owned through partnerships or joint ventures, have investors and a handful being owned solely by myself.

So back to my mission. Well, my mission in life is to be successful. Simple. My definition of successful is financially secure and set up for the future and I will achieve my mission by building a successful business empire. This mission isn’t all peachy keen. Sure I’ve made money but I’ve lost money too. I’ve wasted time of dead end ventures, invested resources that have never come to fruition but over time I’ve narrowed down how I do things and have developed a proven strategy that has worked for me in my last 7 business ventures.

In my blog I want to share my learnings, my knowledge and my ups and downs so that I can help you all can make better informed choices and decisions when it comes to building your own restaurant empire. I’ll share my tips for staffing and outsourcing, creating menus, sourcing suppliers and much more.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask, contact me via this blog, Facebook or check the FAQs page here.

I look forward to sharing my blog with you all. Stay tuned and check back for regularly updates or you can subscribe to receive my latest posts via email – register in the side bar on the homepage.