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Something else you’ll need to consider…

For this blog post I want to move away from expanding on the 12 steps I mentioned here and talk about a very important aspect of running a successful restaurant – keeping it clean, hygienic and beautifully presented. Your kitchen and front of house staff can be expected to do some cleaning but you’ll need to outsource and hire professional cleaners too. You need to make sure you factor that into your costs at the beginning as from experience, many new restaurateurs don’t factor this into pricing in the early days and struggle to find money for the services when they’re needed.

Some outsourcing you will need to consider hiring include carpet cleaners, window cleaners and lawn mowers just to name a few. In my restaurants I hire general cleaners for ongoing works and have a list of other local businesses like the above three I mentioned, that I hire on an as needed basis.

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Where do you start?


Thinking “where do I start with opening a restaurant?” You’ve come to the right place. I hope through my blog I can share my 15+ years knowledge and experiences with those who are starting out in their own restaurant building empire.

Over on the Your Journey page are my 12 MUST DO steps before you start your restaurant. One of the best places to start reading my blog is right there. Also check out Manna’s Mission to find out more about me and my history in the hospitality industry. Once you’ve discovered those pages then continue on reading through my blog posts.

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