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Your Design

cafe-designThe design phase can be one of the most enjoyable yet stressful aspects of opening a new restaurant. First impressions for your customers could be the make or break of them returning to your restaurant again. So, you want to create a comfortable, functional and well thought out space as this goes a long way when it comes to customer impressions. The kind of ‘comfortable atmosphere’ you create for your diners  all depends on the concept you’ve chosen for your restaurant. In a fine dinning restaurant you might find fancy light fittings, large tables with white table clothes, expensive wine glasses, elegant background music, compared to a family Italian eatery where checkered red table clothes, formica cups and paper serviettes.

Seating Capacity
One important factor is seating capacity. How many customers can you comfortable (and legally) seat. Cheaper more casual restaurants usually focus more on maximum seating capacity where as high end, fine dinning restaurants focus on ambience and atmosphere first. By now you will have decided on your restaurant’s concept so taking the next step into the design phase shouldn’t be too difficult.

Getting the Most out of Outdoor Areas
For those lucky enough to have outdoor areas, you need to ensure that adequate shade, lighting, fencing and security are all considered. We used a team of Geelong fencing contractors to create the most epic outdoor entertainment areas at one of our recent restaurant openings in Victoria. The team designed an amazing outdoor space with different level decks, merbau fencing privacy screens and planter boxes. It was a clear win with customers on opening night – the sun was out, drinks flowing and delicious food followed. Investing in a quality and reliable contractor will make your life much easier.

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